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leaving writing success right
at the palm of your hand.


Success in writing is something that for many, seems out of reach. Write Off The Bat LLC seeks to change that. By using an approach built from common sense, both academic and non-academic writing experience and unwavering encouragement, we bring writing success from that distant place and leave it right in the palm of your hands.

our services


Write Off The Bat’s tutoring services will ensure that you are able to tackle any challenge by developing your writing ability.


With great attention to detail, we edit for everything from grammar and mechanics to structure and tone, taking care to ensure all is well and that your work will shine.

personal messages

Whether a Valentine's Day poem to go along with a romantic night or a message for mom to let her know how much you love her, this service provides short, individual works to you which will help you express yourself.


Write Off The Bat is here to help you craft the story you want your presentation to tell and make certain that story is told in the necessary way.

beta reading

Write Off The Bat provides you with beta reading of your current fictional work and offers structured, concise and in-depth feedback and analysis in order to help transition it to being that next, stunning story.


By leveraging a combination of writing and analysis, we construct solid research which can serve as the basis for your work.


We make sure to rewrite your work as the best version of itself without losing the original spirit of it and what you intended to convey.

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about me.



Young Businessman

Some passions sneak up on you like something that only comes out at night. Others knock the wind out of your sails and leave you with no doubt that you are meant for them and they are meant for you. In my case, writing was a little bit of both. Starting as something of a pathway to expression in the sixth grade, writing has lead me everywhere from experiencing, crafting and publishing interesting tales to nailing what is probably at this point hundreds of papers throughout my academic career. Today, I stand as an accomplished professional with a Master of Public Administration who is also an avid lover of the writing which carried me through. That love and the skill it created are what I now want to use to support and build the writing of others. And Write Off The Bat is the platform which allows me do that – bring out the writer in you and set them up for success!

about me
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